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Characters - Castiel
Pride & Prejudice
the_gabih wrote in spn_mpreglist

4 months of longing by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy
...and all it took was a picture.

50 Reasons to Have Sex - Reason 35: Some very protected sex to celebrate the fact that not pregnant by mystic7194
fic | t | castiel/dean | pre-pregnancy
In one of the episodes of How I Met Your Mother the character create a list of 50 reasons to have sex. So I’ve written a fic for every reason.
+ sequel
Reason 42: Breaking in a new apartment

Aches, Pains and Morning Sickness by oceansex
fic | r | castiel/dean | pregnancy | schmoop
"I'm pregnant, the child is yours, and I think I'm going to vomit."

The Act of a Desperate Man by raggedyscarecrow
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | alpha/beta/omega; hurt/comfort
Castiel has wanted to be adopted since he lost his parents when he was five. His approaching 18th birthday gives him even more of a reason. Meanwhile Dean is desperate to find Sam a mate before his little brother is legally an adult.

The Alpha Omega Project by ashwinchester4
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, benny/dean, benny/castiel/dean, benny/castiel, alastair/castiel | pregnancy | non-con | alpha/beta/omega; bondage; cockwarming; dom/sub; drugs; rimming
After a horrible plague left all humans infertile, a team of desperate scientists found hope in the Alpha Omega Project, a secret experimental human breeding program. They had a plan, the genesis of a brand new world, and they would have succeeded too had experiment #4503 never met experiment #3678. A few numbers shouldn’t cause so much trouble.

Angel Baby by VioletHyena
fic | r | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam | pregnancy | asexual reproduction
The Winchesters find out that angels do not reproduce the same way as humans. Castiel explains that his vessel is not pregnant, his grace is simply splitting to make a new angel. But, even the best laid plans sometimes go awry, especially when Heaven is involved. When the Apocalypse is nigh and Castiel is running out of grace, Dean takes it upon himself to take care of Castiel and the new angel and ends up learning how much the angel means to him. Sam on the other hand, must make amends with his own angel.

Angel Nursery by diminuel
art | g | balthazar/castiel | pregnancy | fluff; wings

Angel's and Hunter's 'verse by Dreamweaver37
fic | nc-17 | gabriel/sam, castiel/dean, balthazar/kevin | pregnancy
Sam Winchester is not going to make the same mistake twice. And now that Gabriel is back, everyone might just get what they want.

Baby by Shadow_Of_Castiel
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pre-pregnancy
Castiel asks Dean what he wants most out of their relationship, and offers a solution that Dean is all too willing to take on.

Baby Fever by authocracy
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pre-pregnancy | bondage (light); domestic
Dean is afraid to talk about the potential of building a family with Cas. Thankfully, the angel's fully willing to make the first move.

Baby Sling by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy
“All those Moms with their barricade of buggies blocking the corridors of shops and their exclusive circles around a couple of seats in the coffee shops…! We won’t be like them, Cas!”

Baby 'verse by bellacatbee
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | breast play; domestic; feminisation; lactation; pregnancy kink; sex toys
Dean can't get over how lucky he is. Castiel's pregnant, gorgeous and completely his.

Baby Winchester by Allyaneedislove
fic | t | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam, bobby/crowley | pregnancy
Two years into Dean and Castiel's relationship, Cas finds he is pregnant. Afraid that Dean will not love him anymore, he seeks help from Gabriel. But will this new addition to the Winchester family unite it or destroy it?

The Bee's Knees by Sales Associate Steve
fic | nc-17 | cain/castiel, benny/dean, hannah/kim | pregnancy | fluff
Cain was very content with his life the way it was. Then he met Castiel.

A Bird in Hand by nekosmuse
fic | t | castiel/dean | pregnancy | eggfic; nesting
"Stop being such a damned girl, Sam. It's pretty fucking simple. I knocked Cas up and now he's got an egg or two developing off in null space and when they're ready he'll bring them home and we'll wait for them to hatch."

Blood Sigil 'verse by Shadow_Of_Castiel
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy
Dean finally asks why Castiel insists upon carving the protection sigil into his own flesh before they make love. The answer is surprising.

Blue Moon 'verse by Shadow_Of_Castiel
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, castiel/dean/sam | heat/mating cycles
Dean finds out that angels have mating seasons the hard way. When he sleeps with Castiel, the angel becomes pregnant.

Bonded 'verse by Luciel89
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, dean/lisa, john/mary, jess/sam, gabriel/kali | non-con | alpha/beta/omega dynamics; college au; heat/mating cycles; self-lubrication; oil glands; wing fic
Dean is a demon who dislikes angels and Castiel is his new angel roommate at college. Dean finds himself fascinated with Castiel’s wings, much to his own annoyance, which only leads him into trouble. When they become accidentally mated to each other, things get complicated and feelings get hurt, but can it be the start of something good?

The Brotherhood of Castiel's Pants by ladydreamer
fic | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | fluff
Cas is having a little trouble with his pants.

Bundle of Joy by mithrel
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam | pregnancy | first time; egg fic; nesting; soul bond
Castiel's pregnant and no one knows quite how to deal with it.

Burgers or Babies? by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy (implied)
One of them's wrong.

Can I get An Hallelujah? by highermagic
fic | nc-17 | gen | pregnancy | cursed pregnancy
“I’m a Sower. The opposite of a reaper, get it? And since you guys started the freaking apocalypse, I’m having to work overtime to replace all the people who’ve died. This is all your fault and it’s time you paid back.”

Cernunnos by castielssock
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pre-pregnancy | non-con | bondage; d/s (hinted); heat/mating cycles; knotting; transformation; voyeurism
They'd been in purgatory less than five weeks when it happened.

The Children You Thought You Had Lost 'verse by amor_remanet
fic | t | castiel/dean | pregnancy | references to suicide, eating disorders | abortion; dysphoria; multiples; trans* characters
Someone, at some point, really should've written a book about navigating this kind of situation. So You Got Your Boyfriend Pregnant: Now What? or, Coping With An Unplanned Male Pregnancy For Trans* Dummies And Their Partners, or something like that. But since no one has, Dean and Cas just have to figure this out on their own.

Close Enough For Rock 'n' Roll by amor_remanet
fic | r | castiel/dean | pregnancy | soul bond
After the Apocalypse, two major changes enter Castiel's life: first, his promotion to archangel; and second, a nephil — a baby conceived by human/angel intercourse.

Cravings and Baby Bumps by XxOnekinkywitchxX
fic | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | domestic; fluff
A drabble about Dean returning home to Singer Auto to find Castiel enjoying yet another pregnancy craving.

Dean and Cas raise two babies by manifestdestiel
fic | g | castiel/dean, jess/sam | pregnancy, post-pregnancy | domestic; fluff
a collection of eight drabbles

Dean hatches the egg by kumquatix
fic | t | castiel/dean, dean/lisa | post-pregnancy | egg fic
Castiel lays an egg and flies away, leaving Dean with it.

Demon Boys 'verse by highermagic
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, dean/sam, gabriel/sam, castiel/dean/gabriel, castiel/gabriel, alistair/dean, adam/jo, balthazar/castiel, dean/ofc | post-pregnancy | abuse, non-con, torture | angst; birth; d/s; wing fic
Dean gets to play, and Sam gets to watch. They do this every night, and it’s not going to get old.

Desired Constellation by SillyBlue
fic | r | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | graphic birth; lactation; post-partum depression
Castiel wished he could share Dean's joy, but he couldn’t help being bitter. Fallen and barely able to function as a human man, he was required to take on a huge, terrifying responsibility: being a parent to the last miracle he had been able to perform.

Destiel by entanglednow
fic | t | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | body horror
In which Sam is an Uncle and everyone has gone mad

Destiel Daddies 'verse by Annabeth_Crestfallen_LeMorte
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy, post-pregnancy | domestic; fluff; schmoop; wing fic
A series of one-shots giving readers a peek into the life of Dean & Castiel Winchester and the journey they embark on when they decide to have a child together.

Egg by geek6
fic | t | castiel/dean | pregnancy, post-pregnancy | crack; egg fic
Cas lays an egg, gets the wrong end of the stick, and Bobby yells idjit a lot.

Eloise by Shadow_Of_Castiel
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | eggfic; nesting
Castiel lays an egg after spending a night with Dean.

Fecund by the_gabih
fic | nc-17 | benny/castiel/dean | pregnancy | threesomes
“I wonder... are you trying to give the baby a sibling, Dean? Looking to get yourself heavy with child before I’ve so much as birthed this one?”

Fledgling 'verse by AleishaPotter
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam | post-pregnancy | birth; eggfic
Dean could blame it on Gabriel, because EVERYTHING could be blamed on the Trickster, or he could blame it on Sam, for knowing the possibility and not telling him, hell, he could even probably blame Cas for not knowing more about his own damn kind, but in the end, he really only had himself to blame... after all, screwing an angel was his ingenious idea...

Hex Bag by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | fluff
“Trust me, Cas, this hex bag will help our baby grow!”

Hunters and Angels 'verse by kirallie
fic | r | castiel/dean/sam, sam/zachariah | pregnancy | non-con | angst; character death (minor)
When Castiel appeared in the brother's motel room they never saw this coming!

I don't think you need a wand, Dean by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy
"No, but it looks super awesome!"

I Miss You by Starrstruck_64
fic | g | castiel/sam | pregnancy | domestic; fluff; multiples
Sam gets a text that brightens his day.

In This Moment of Disquiet, All Things Fall Apart by arghthecat
fic | g | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | angst; miscarriage
Castiel is pregnant with Dean's child, but there's something important that Dean has to know.

Jubilees by ghostyouknow
fic | r | castiel/dean | pregnancy | dub-con | rule 63
The world's ending. Thanks to Zachariah, Castiel's pregnant with Dean's baby. For some reason, no one's breaking out cigars.

Kith and Kin 'verse by lifevolutionary
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam | pregnancy, post-pregnancy | fluff; rule 63; wing fic
When Castiel gets pregnant it freaks everyone the fuck out, except Gabriel, who just laughs so hard that he can't actually breathe for five minutes.

Knot Your Typical High School AU by ktwinchesterhale
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, jess/sam, ruby/sam, ash/jo, anna/jo, castiel/michael, gabriel/kali, john/mary, castiel/meg, chuck/jimmy, dean/lisa | pregnancy | non-con (attempted) | alpha/beta/omega; bloodplay; crossdressing; dom/sub; heat/mating cycles; high school au; knotting; rimming; self-lubrication; sex toys
Castiel hates being a beta, because he is madly in love with his best friend who is an alpha. A male-alpha and a male-beta cannot mate. So he has accepted that he will always be Dean's friend. But a family secret and Dean's big mouth are about to test that theory.

Lend Me Your Hand by allourheroes
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy
Castiel has been away. Dean has been trying not to be too obviously worried.

The Light of a New Dawn by morganoconner
fic | t | castiel/sam | pregnancy
It was a single moment of weakness that changed everything.

Like Cats and Dogs by sweetdean
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | alpha/beta/omega; werecats; werewolves
Dean Winchester, Alpha, lead Hunter for the Pack, is in need of a mate. His wolf is out of control, he's on edge, and nothing seems to be doing the trick. Dean is convinced that he'll never find a mate, but when the Pack's Council forces him to figure it out before he ends up going rogue, Dean doesn't have much of a choice. Problem is, Dean isn't interested in what the members of his pack have to offer; and that means looking elsewhere. Dean knew his mate would have to be different. He just didn't know what "different" would really mean, and how "different" would bring his whole world crashing down on top of him.

Like So Much Smoke by ActuallyCrowley
fic | g | gen | post-pregnancy | birth
In which Castiel takes some time for himself and has a baby.

A Little Bit Sweeter, A Little Bit Fatter, A Little Bit Harmful To Me by RiddleBlack
fic | r | gabriel/sam, castiel/dean (side pairing) | pregnancy
Sam had met Gabriel in 2007, the day after Valentines (Gabriel stated that if Sam had just come in to the bar one day earlier, their meeting would have been stupidly romantic) at the Harvelle Roadhouse. Castiel met Dean in 2008 at Kripke Elementary School, due to Gabriel insisting that his boyfriend and his brother would be perfect speakers for their class' career day. Needless to say, things for all four of them progressed rather significantly.
+ art by diminuel

Little Grace by bellacatbee
fic | g | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | egg fic
Dean still doesn't exactly understand how angels mate or why he and Castiel now have an egg.

Little Wonders by signalfire
fic | r | castiel/dean | pregnancy | egg fic
Dean isn't ready to be a dad. He never thought he was going to be; there's always a world to take care of. Always something in the way of his dreams of a normal life. But Cas is offering him that one thing he has always wanted, and offering it in the most unconventional way possible. Somehow that makes it more reassuring.

Look What We Did by Snickfic
fic | t | castiel/meg | pregnancy
"I suppose it is kind of a miracle."

Maybe Baby by nileflood
fic | nc-17 | gabriel/sam, gabriel/kali, castiel/dean | pregnancy | office sex
Sam is an up-and-coming young man within the legal profession, with a good job and prospects in an international firm. He’s sensible and level-headed, and as such when he shared a drunken moment with the janitor of their office, it throws him. He would have gotten over it, probably, if said janitor hadn’t then told him he was pregnant. Sam’s life quickly descends into chaos as he tries to work out if he really has knocked-up a gold-digger, or if things aren’t really as bad as all that.

Metallica Is Love by confetticas
fic | t | gabriel/sam, castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | fluff
Five times Sam and Gabriel bond over their niece, and the one time they welcome their son into the world.

Milk (by Any Other Name, Would Taste as Sweet) by authocracy
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | alpha/beta/omega; bdsm; domestic; lactation; milking; sex toys; slapping; spanking
Prompt from the kink meme, based on a video. OP requested "Dean tying sub!Cas down and milking his tits."

The More You Hate, the More You Love by castiel52
fic | r | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam, john/mary, anna/michael, lucifer/rachel, bobby/ellen | pregnancy | historical au
Prince Dean, son of King John of the Winchester's kingdom was about to marry the youngest son of King Michael of the Angelo's kingdom. The problem is, when they met, well, this is how it went. . . "You!" the two princes shouted angrily as they each pointed an accusing finger at the other.

New Host Ascendant by verizonhorizon
fic | r | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy
Cas gives birth to a new breed of angel. Dean's family grows.

Next Project? by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | nekomimi; pregnancy

Not a Relationship by bballgirl3022
fic | t | castiel/dean | pregnancy
Castiel has been acting strangely and Dean is not sure why.

OCZY by saxnas
polish | fic | unrated | castiel/dean | pregnancy | non-con, suicide attempt | alpha/beta/omega; blind!castiel; depression; fluff; hurt/comfort
Ślepy Cas przemocą przywłaszczony przez alfę Deana, próbuje zmierzyć się z tym, co go spotyka: z przemocą, uwięzieniem. Czy po tym wszystkim - z całym tym bagażem trumy i nienawiści do swojego oprawcy, Deana - jest przed nimi jeszcze jakaś przyszłość? Czy Cas jeszcze zazna szczęścia? Czy dla nich, dla niego (bo to on jest tu tą słabszą stroną, ofiarą) jest jeszcze nadzieja? Czy spotka go tylko masa nieszczęść, bo naprawdę jest zdany na łaskę innych i nie ma nikogo, kto by o niego zadbał?

Of Sweet Things by belovedhypnos
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pre-pregnancy | alpha/beta/omega
Cas becomes human, and Dean enjoys the time the ex-angel is still unpresented. Not Alpha, not Beta, not Omega - just Cas, his clueless, adorable Cas. Cas he has a massive crush on. But nobody stays unpresented forever...

O Resilient Light by castielssock
fic | r | castiel/dean | pregnancy | alpha/beta/omega; cbt; collars; crossdressing; dirty talk; domesticity; dom/sub; feminisation; fisting; gender roles fetish; humiliation; knotting; lingerie; pregnancy kink; self-lubrication; spanking
Decades after the Omega Liberation Movement, Dean and Castiel walk the fine line of being a progressive and a traditional Alpha/Omega couple.

Our Love In Time by MaggyStar17
fic | r | balthazar/castiel/dean, balthazar/castiel, castiel/dean | pregnancy | threesomes
Dean/Cas/Balthazar. Castiel is pregnant, but no one knows how it was possible. As Castiel is getting more human, for his safety, he stays in Bobby's house with Balthazar while Dean is hunting with Sam. But being away from Dean isn't easy for Castiel. Gabriel returns; and his appearence can make a secret buried for ceturies come to the surface.

Perfection by xlamentcasx
fic | t | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | graphic birth
“Excellent!” Gabriel cries beaming down at the boy in his arms, “oh just get a load of this lil’ guy! So much potential!” still smiling, he croons at his nephew, “whose gonna be the biggest babe-magnet, badass goin’ round? You are! That’s right, Uncle Gabe’s gonna teach you everything you need to know..."

Permanent Visitor by Partyintheimpala
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | past abuse | alpha/beta/omega
Dean has always put Sam first, in everything. It's always just been the two of them, so when he and his new boyfriend Castiel start becoming serious, Sam gets jealous. Causing problems in their complicated relationship.

Pets 'verse by bellacatbee
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam, adam/michael, lucifer/nick, jeffrey/omc | pregnancy | interspecies; objectification
Angels are the perfect pets - hypoallergenic, gentle and very obedient.

The Rose of Sharon by Anath_Tsurugi
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, charlie/dorothy, ofc/sam | pregnancy | eating disorders, non-con, suicidal ideation
Castiel has just about given up hope of ever finding Dean when he suddenly hears him calling out to him. What Cas finds upon answering the prayer, though, is both a blessing and a nightmare. Now impregnated with demon seed and hunted by everyone, Cas must find a way to save Dean Winchester before the former hunter destroys Heaven and Hell in his name.

Royal Business by shaboinky
fic | t | castiel/dean | pre- and post-pregnancy | arranged marriage, royal au
Dean and Castiel were forced into an arranged marriage by their kingdoms in order for peace, land, and money to be shared. Of course, Dean began to fall head over heels for Castiel and vice versa.

Run, Little Angel, Run by asmyviolingentlyweeps
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, lucifer/sam, sherlock holmes/john watson, eleventh doctor/river song, sherlock holmes/jack harkness | pregnancy | crossover; infidelity
Castiel, pregnant with Dean's child, finds him with another person and runs away. While being chased by demons he runs to hide in a strange blue box and finds himself whisked away by the Doctor and River. Meanwhile back with the Winchesters Sam calls an old friend to help them find Cas. Along the way they meet the infamous Sherlock Holmes, his past partner Jack Harkness, and end up having to raise Lucifer from the cage. No one ever said loving the Angel of Thursday was going to be easy, but come on!

Say Cheese, Cas! by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | nekomimi

Schmoop Bingo 'verse by gedry
fic | t | gabriel/sam, castiel/dean | pregnancy | schmoop
Gabriel shows back in the Winchesters lives needing some help.  Sam loses the coin toss.

The Second Chance by Writing BRB
fic | r | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | past abuse | fluff; hurt/comfort
When Dean is walking home from work one night he hears a cry come from a nearby alley. He is shocked to discover a man, homeless and in labor. Can Dean offer Castiel the chance he deserves, and will Castiel accept it?

The Seeds of Love 'verse by bellacatbee
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean, anna/dean, anna/jo, gabriel/sam, adam/michael, castiel/crowley | pregnancy | assault | drunk sex, infidelity
Dean Winchester is getting married. He should be happy, but things are a little more complicated than that. For one thing he woke up in bed with his best friend Castiel the morning after he proposed, instead of in bed with Anna, his girlfriend. And for another, they didn't use protection. Dean should be happy that he's getting married, but he's more excited about the life he can't have with Castiel and the baby Castiel is carrying.
+ art by silly_blue

The Shattered One by miss_annthropic
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy
When it struck Castiel, he was in mid-flight. It dropped him out of the sky like a sparrow buffeted by gale-force winds. Castiel set down the first place he could find. He ended up standing in a field in Switzerland, swaying on his feet and staring down at his body, dazed by what it had just done.
+ sequel
The Unbroken Ones

Short Fuse by the0voice0from0above
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | alpha/beta/omega; self-lubrication; werewolf au
Dean is an alpha werewolf and leader of his pack. Everyone knows not to touch his mate, Castiel, since Dean’s reputation for being over protective is infamous. So when Castiel has a strange reaction to another werewolf, Jo and Sam help him keep it under wraps until they can figure out what’s wrong.

Something Unexpected by xLucifer666
fic | r | castiel/dean | pregnancy | abuse, bullying, domestic violence | car sex; high school au; homophobia
Life for Castiel is hard, with being tormented at school and at home. Dean Winchester doesn't expect much out of his life. They both live with several secrets. They just have to survive this last year so they can continue with their life. But life has something else planned for them, something no one expected.

Sweet Things by hunters_of_221B_from_Gallifrey
fic | unrated | castiel/dean | pregnancy | fluff
After years of pining, Castiel and Dean Winchester have finally realized their love for each other. But, as new problems emerge, such as their relationship, and an unexpected pregnancy, can their love remain as true as ever?

Swept Inshore by Marthypie
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | dub-con | arranged marriage
Castiel knew that as Prince of the Oceanic Kingdom , it was his duty to serve his King and country, and that he should feel honoured that his father had chosen him to bear the responsibility. Yet, whenever he thought about it, his heart would sink like an anchor to the bottom of the sea. Never in his life had he dreamt that his Father planned on selling him off to the Inlander nation as if he were merchandise.

Team Free Lovin' 'verse by authocracy
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean/gabriel/sam | pregnancy | domestic; eggfic; nesting
Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Sam are in a four-way polyamorous relationship. This is a collection of their stories.

That's it! by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy
Poor Cas, what did you expect?

The Post-War Baby Boom (is Dean Winchester's Fault) by authocracy
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | breast play; comeplay; domestic; felching; lactation
Filled for a kink meme prompt. The OP requested mpreg, felching, and lactation. Shameless, unrepentant schmoopy domestic PWP.

There's A First Time For Everything by Fightyourdragon
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | first time
After Episode 8.8 Castiel finally decides what he wants to do with his life- and of course he needs Dean's help! The one where Dean discovers his life is so weird that he really shouldn't have expected sex with an angel to be an exception.

This Is Not A Blessing 'verse by kijikun
fic | t | castiel/dean | pregnancy | angst
The Leviathan has news for Dean.

This Is Us by torsdagengel
fic | t | castiel/dean | pregnancy | domestic
"Once the child has bonded to my grace it will be all but impossible to survive removing it before it is ready for separation. I will be…vulnerable." He waits a moment before adding, somewhat reluctantly, "The simplest option would be to remove the embryo now before it tangles itself any further." Dean is quiet for a moment. "Cas, do you want this?" The angel is hesitant, but nods.

This Story Was Brought To You By Our Sponsors by Annie D (scaramouche)
fic | r | castiel/dean, sam/sarah | post-pregnancy
Dean's post-apocalyptic life is a friggin' soap opera. Romance! Angst! Separations! Reunions! Pizza Dinners! A Child Dean Never Knew He Had! It's all very dramatic.

Three First Times by Shadow_Of_Castiel
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | birth; nesting
There‘s a first time for everything and Dean Winchester experiences three first times - a first time on a date, a first time pursuing a proper relationship and a first time at parenting. Luckily, all three first times all occur with Castiel.

Three Ways Castiel Had Dean's (Ass)Baby and One Way He Didn't by Zanne
fic | t | castiel/dean, castiel/sam | pregnancy | crack; eggfic
Angels and babymaking.

Thursday's Child by wyntereyez
fic | t | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | body horror; domestic
Castiel brings a surprise home to Dean. It’s gooey. And has tentacles.

Time for love to take root and prosper by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | fluff

Tragedy 'verse by Lightning_Bee
fic | t | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam | post-pregnancy | abuse
Sometimes telling his son bedtime stories is the hardest part of Castiel’s day. “Daddy, why are you crying?” Jason asked, scrunching his little face with a frown. In the doorway, Dean cleared his throat and Castiel turned his head nervously, blue eyes meeting black. He looked back to Jason straight after wiping his eyes as he lied. “Because I’m happy.”

Ultimate Weapon by authocracy
fic | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy
'Now I just want smug-as-fuck!Castiel preening to all the other angels about how the righteous man, Dean Winchester, got him pregnant. While Dean is bragging to anyone who’ll listen about how he knocked up his angel.'

Under the Skin by lies_unfurl
fic | r | gen | pregnancy | suicidal ideation | body horror
Castiel returns, the next generation of Leviathans implanted within his body. He intends to take the Colt and kill the things inside of him, destroying himself in the process. Neither Sam nor Dean are willing to let this happen.

Unexpected by destielandsterek
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | feminisation; hand jobs; lactation; rimming
Cas already knew what was wrong. He was trying his best to hide it from Dean. Scared of what would happen if Dean knew the truth.

(Un)Expecting 'verse by Storm_Rain
fic | t | gabriel/sam, castiel/dean, bobby/crowley, crowley/gabriel | pregnancy
"How...?" "Well, Sam, when an archangel and a hunter love each other very much..." "Yeah, I got that part!"

Untitled by Anonymous
fic | r | castiel/dean | pregnancy | insecurities; lingerie
"You know you're beautiful like this, Cas."

Untitled by authocracy
fic | g | castiel/dean/sam | pregnancy | domestic; fluff; multiples
The fourth day of March dawns beautifully, sunny and clear. The first buds of flowers have started to peek out around their house, a few just-born fox kits are playing in their backyard, and in the ninth week of his pregnancy, Castiel is just able to hear two tiny, distinct heartbeats within his ever-growing body.

Untitled by authocracy
fic | nc-17 | castiel/dean | pregnancy | birth; heat/mating cycles; knotting; nekomimi; self-lubrication
'deerstiel carrying wolfDean’s pups tho'

Untitled by authocracy
fic | g | benny/castiel/dean | pregnancy | fluff
"Enjoy your peace while it lasts."
+ sequel Untitled

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | rule 63

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | end!verse
"I've got super sperm! I'm Batman!"

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean, gabriel/sam | pregnancy
Castiel knows why he never goes shopping for clothes with Gabriel…

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy
Dean, did you know that your angel glows in the dark?

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | post-pregnancy | nekomimi
"I left you alone with Cas for ONE HOUR!!!"

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | angst; end!verse
"I'm sorry for failing you, Cas!"

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy
Pregnancy makes Castiel look young, or maybe he and Dean just started early.

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy
Castiel doesn't have the patience for Dean's whining.

Untitled by diminuel
art | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy
His weird food cravings all involve nuts. Nuts in his salad. Nuts in his burger. Nuts in his spaghetti. Having to find recipes that cater to Castiel’s needs drives Dean nuts.

Untitled by moonstiel
fic | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | fluff
Mary knows something is the matter the moment Castiel shows up on her doorstep.

The Upper Peninsula by downjune
fic | t | castiel/meg | pregnancy | dub-con
When Castiel appeared in her kitchen, weak and sweating, Meg was maybe glad to see him. "I need a place to hide," he said. "And I'm pregnant."

The Wild Bunch by linda92595
fic | t | castiel/dean, jess/sam, john/mary | pregnancy | historical au
The Winchester/Singer families are outlaws living on fringes of society. They rob banks and trains for a living but are careful never to kill people. Since they also give money to poor and fight the train companies who try to steal land from improvised farmers and ranchers they are also extremely popular with the common people. Marshal Frank Azazel and Pinkerton Agent Alistair Black work with train executive Matthew Crowley to track the Wild Bunch down and bring them to justice.

Winchester Luck (It's a Doozy) by Living_Free
fic | t | castiel/dean, adam/michael | pregnancy | angst; fluff; hurt/comfort
The Winchesters find Adam alive and must nurse the traumatized boy back to health. Add to this an impending Apocalypse, demons, monsters, and angels, and you have a sure fire recipe for chaos. As if these were not enough, Dean is having a crisis pertaining to little Dean, Castiel tries to help with little Dean, Sam is confused, Adam is amused, and Bobby has just about had it with all the idjits invading his house.

The Wolf and the 'Walker by nani'anela
fic | g | castiel/dean | pregnancy | multiples
When heaven finds out the angel tablet is vulnerable, they will stop at nothing to protect it. Strange, twisted programs are created to make the perfect soliders. After an unlikely accident, Cas is forced to carry baby angels infused with monster mutagens, powerful beings called "Gemlings", preparations for the brooding war with the demons. Dean and Sam struggle with being something other than human, and Dean must learn to love the creatures he used to hunt-his own children, a werewolf and skinwalker

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Ack, seems "The Adventures of Bobby John", "Anyone Else But You" and "The Wolf and The Walker" are no longer working (could be more though). But authors either are MIA on AO3 as well, or changed names there?

Thanks for the heads up! 'The Adventures of Bobby John' and 'Anyone Else But You' seem to have been fully deleted, but 'The Wolf and The Walker' can be found on here.

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